Demonstration of Nitrate Measurements

Plants are using nutrition from soil to grow. If we harvest plants and transport them to a different place, for example, a market, we remove nutrition from the soil. The soil will become less fruitful with every harvest. In the past, the three-field system was used to reduce this depletion. In modern times it is more common to use fertilizers, who replenish the most important nutrient: nitrate.

Nitrate is used as a nitrogen source to create proteins. It can be easily added to the ground by using manure or ammonium nitrate. However, an abundance of nitrate is a health risk and leads to pollution. Controlling the amount of nitrate in the soil, drinking water, or plant juice is important for healthy crops, lower costs, less pollution, and fewer health risks.

In this webinar, we will show you how to measure the nitrate with Z&P’s Ion Selective Electrodes and PalmSens’ Sensit Smart. Dr. Martin Peacock and Dr. Lutz Stratmann will give you a brief general introduction on nitrate and potentiometric measurements followed by a live demonstration. It will last a total of 45 minutes comprising around 25 minutes for the introduction and demonstration followed by 20 minutes for questions.

00:06 – Introduction

02:58 – Theory – What is nitrate

16:12 – Measurement setup

17:50 – Sensit Smart potentiostat for your phone

18:38 – Nitrate sensor 

19:04 – Demonstration

26:08 – Questions