PalmSens SDK for UWP

UWP depreciated
Support for UWP is depreciated. Version 5.7 is the last version. The EmStat4-series is not supported by this version. For new developments, we recommend using the .NET WPF or WinForms SDK.

With this PalmSens Software Development Kit you develop Windows applications in Visual Studio .NET using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP apps can also run on Windows 10 IOT on a Raspberry Pi 3 for example. The SDK can be used with all PalmSens instruments and potentiostat modules. 

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Develop classical Windows applications using UWP

If your plan is to develop your own Windows application to control any of our potentiostats or potentiostat modules, it is best to get started with any of our PalmSens SDKs for .NET. Even with little programming experience, you will be able to build your own application. Every SDK is accompanied by a set of code examples that can easily be changed to suit your requirements. The SDKs allow you to target different .NET frameworks, including:

  • WinForms (classic Windows applications)
  • WPF and UWP (for modern Windows apps)

Available libraries and projects

The PalmSens SDK consists of the following libraries and projects


Libraries explained

There are two sets of libraries: Instrument control and Plot

The open-source PalmSens.Core.Simplified and PalmSens.Core.Simplified.UWP projects are basically a wrapper for the PalmSens.Core.dll and PalmSens.Core.UniversalWindows.dll. The wrappers give you quick and easy access to all the basic functions of the PalmSens instruments and modules and automatically handles most potential threading issues for you. We strongly recommend including these wrapper projects as references to your own projects. The wrapper simplify;

  • connecting;
  • manual control of the cell;
  • running measurements;
  • and accessing and processing measured data

The PalmSens.Core and PalmSens.Core.UniversalWindows libraries contain the namespaces with all the necessary files for using PalmSens/EmStat devices in your software. These namespaces are:

Library Description
PalmSens all necessary classes and functions for performing measurements and doing analysis with PalmSens or EmStat.
PalmSens.Comm for Serial, USB or TCP communication with PalmSens or EmStat
PalmSens.DataFiles for saving and loading method and data files
PalmSens.Devices for handling communications and device capabilities
PalmSens.Techniques contains all measurement techniques for PalmSens and EmStat
PalmSens.Units contains a collection of units used by these libraries

The SDKPlot and SDKPlot.UWP projects (.csproj) are a wrapper for the open source plot control. These wrappers allow you to easily plot your measurements (in real-time). These projects require the library/project OxyPlot.dll and OxyPlot.Windows.csproj.

These libraries again are based on the open-source OxyPlot library,

UWP example: how to connect and run a measurement

The code below shows an example using asynchronous programming to prevent the PalmSens SDK libraries from blocking the user interface. The Basic Example Async shows how to make a connection and run a measurement, with a minimum amount of code. All examples are included in the SDK. There are three versions:

  • ARM (to use for example on a Raspberry Pi)
  • x64
  • x86
/// Initializes a new instance of the  class.
/// This class handles the communication with a device and it is used
/// to perform measurements and control the device manually.
public PSCommSimpleUWP()

    PalmSens.UniversalWindows.CoreDependencies.Init(Application.Current); //Initiates PSSDK threading dependencies
    InitAsyncFunctionality(Environment.ProcessorCount); //Initiate the asynchronous functions in the SDK
    _psCommSimple = new PSCommSimple(this);