Sensors in Medicine: Rapid Prototyping and Applications for Portable Electrochemistry

Lutz Stratmann provides real-world example applications for portable electrochemistry.

This is a recording made during the 10th Annual Sensors in Medicine 2022. The conference highlights the newest trends in sensor technology, their medical and healthcare applications, and the most recent commercial developments.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:23 Detect uric acid in sweat with Sensit Smart
  • 2:14 Sensit Series potentiostats
  • 3:04 SEnsit BT vs Sensit Smart
  • 6:09 Detection of Lactose in Milk with EmStat Go
  • 7:59 EmStat Go modular potentiostat
  • 10:35 Use FET-based Sensors with EmStat Pico
  • 12:56 Detection Dog Ear Infection with EmStat Pico
  • 15:17 EmStat Pico potentiostat module
  • 16:34 Measure Potency of Cannabis with EmStat4M
  • 17:14 EmStat4M potentiostat module
  • 17:39 Detect Painkillers in blood with EmStat Pico
  • 18:50 Illicit drug detection with Sensit Smart
  • 19:23 Summery