BASi MF Series Platinum, Gold or Carbon Fiber Microelectrode

Classic reusable high-quality microelectrode

  • Available in three materials: Gold, Platinum or Carbon Fiber
  • Five different diameters: 10, 11, 25, 50 or 100 µm
  • Reusable after cleaning and polishing
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Ultramicroelectrodes show usually a high current density due to their diffusion profile, which leads to an increases mass transport to the electrodes surface. Furthermore, they reach steady state conditions in short time periods compared to macroelectrodes.

Microelectrodes consist of small diameter metal wires or fibers (5-100 µm) sealed within tempered glass bodies. The flattened end of the microelectrode is polished to a mirror finish, which can be maintained using polishing materials. The electrical connection is a 0.060″ gold-plated pin. Dimensions of the electrode are approximately 7 cm long and 4 mm OD. Each microelectrode is visually inspected and electrochemically tested before shipping.

There are multiple electrode variations available:

  • BASI-MF-2005 Platinum Microelectrode – 10 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2006 Gold Microelectrode – 10 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2007 Carbon Fiber Microelectrode – 11 µm (±2 µm) diameter
  • BASI-MF-2150 Platinum Microelectrode – 25 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2151 Platinum Microelectrode – 50 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2152 Platinum Microelectrode – 100 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2153 Gold Microelectrode – 25 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2154 Gold Microelectrode – 50 µm diameter
  • BASI-MF-2155 Gold Microelectrode – 100 µm diameter

The standard BASi® working electrode for voltammetry is a disk with a diameter of 1.6 – 3 mm. Decreasing the size of the electrode to micron dimensions decreases the iR drop at the electrode, decreases the electrode capacitance (which allows a faster scan rate to be used for cyclic voltammetry), and changes the diffusion to the electrode surface from linear to radial.


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