BASi MF-2062 Non-Aqueous Silver Reference Electrode Kit

Kit with reference electrode and silver nitrate solution

  • Non-aqueous Reference electrode
  • Silver nitrate and heat shrink included
  • Clear assembly instructions


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This Silver (Ag/Ag+) reference electrode is commonly employed in non-aqueous electrochemical studies. Aqueous reference electrodes, e.g., calomel and Ag/AgCl, have several drawbacks when used in aqueous electrolytes. These include liquid junction potentials, contamination of solvent solution by water, and precipitates at the reference electrode frit which cause noise and even failure of the reference electrode. This non-aqueous reference electrode has therefore a clear advantage.

This kit Includes:

  • MW-1085 Non-Aqueous Reference Electrode (1)
  • CF-1060 1g of Silver Nitrate (1)
  • MF-2064 1/8″ chunks CoralPor with 1/2″ tubes teflon heat shrink (1/pk)
  • MF-2044 Reference Electrode O-ring (1)




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Assembly instructions for Non-Aqueous Reference Electrode Kit BASI-MF-2062 One page assembly instructions for the BASI-MF-2062 non-aqueous reference electrode kit. Documentation 10-08-21
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