ItalSens Coin Cell Battery Holder

Test coin cell batteries with a potentiostat

  • Holds different sizes of coin cell batteries
  • Easily connect potentiostat via banana plugs
  • Robust design
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This battery holder from ItalSens allows testing coin cell batteries. The built-in spring gives a good grip on the coin cell. On the back side is a black and red 2 mm banana plug, to easily connect a standard PalmSens sensor cable. Batteries are not included. Please do not connect a charged battery to an unpowered potentiostat, as this action can potentially damage the equipment. 

Caution with active cells: you must disconnect the battery sample before turning off the potentiostat or upgrading firmware to prevent any risk of damage to the device. There is no protection to prevent current from going back to the potentiostat.

How to connect?

  • Connect the red Working electrode plug of the sensor cable to the red banana receptacle.
    If you have a sense lead (EmStat4 HR or EmStat3+), insert the red plug into the white+black Sense lead plug and the white+black plug into the red receptacle. Note that older cables have a yellow+black Sense lead plug.
  • Connect the black Counter electrode plug of the sensor cable to the black banana receptacle
  • Stack the blue Reference electrode plug of the sensor cable on top of the black Counter  receptacle



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