ItalSens Platinum Wire Counter Electrode

  • Pure platinum wire
  • Thickness 0.5 mm
  • PTFE socket 6.35 mm OD
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A straight platinum wire in a 6.35 mm OD PTFE socket forms a basic counter electrode. The exposed wire is 36 mm long and 0.5 mm diameter. A gold-plated pin (8 mm long, 1.3 mm diameter) is available for easy connection to a crocodile (alligator) clip. Each electrode is accompanied by a silicone O-ring, providing a secure fit on the plastic body. The adjustable O-ring enables you to modify the electrode depth within an electrochemical cell by rolling it to different positions.

Ref. IS-PT.W.CE.1 (1 unit), IS-PT.W.CE.3 (3-pack).


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