Glass Cell TC5

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Additionally to the advantages of the TC4 cell this cell has a water jacket.

This product gives you everything you need to set up a traditional three-electrode voltammetry experiment. The Standard 20 ml cell has a central opening (NJ 12/14 for stirrer or rotating electrode) and four side openings (NJ 10/13 for connectors or classic electrodes). The stand for cell stability is included. These openings can be used to mount working,reference and counter electrodes as well as other accessories. This simple glass cell is used for electrochemical measurements. The temperature of the analysed solution can be controlled by an external thermostat via the water jacket of the cell using the MT1. The cell openings are designed for the electrochemical sensor connector KA1C (outer openings) and the stirrer ST1 (mid opening).

The minimum volume of a sample solution inside the cell is 5 mL.

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