Integrated Graphene SPE Adapter

Pogo pins SPE adapter

  • For conventional SPE (2.54 mm between the contact pads)
  • Connection through pogo pins (clamp)
  • Faraday cage included (Aluminium cover, without socket)
  •  4 mm banana receptacles (WE/CE/RE), includes banana converters (4 mm to 2 mm)
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This sensor connector is a device with 3 banana receptacles (4 mm) and pogo pins (clamp) rather than edge connectors for SPE sensors. It is also compatible with other brands that use the same distance between the contact pads (2.54 mm). PalmSens offers this adaptor along with Banana converters (4 mm Pin to 2 mm Socket) to ensure the compatibility with PalmSens potentiostats terminated with cell cables.

The Gii-Sens™ Adapter comes with pogo pins rather than edge connectors. It has been designed and developed to ensure the most reliable results when using Gii-Sens™. These electrochemical assay Adaptors include a faraday cage to protect against the electrochemical read-out whilst reducing evaporation of solution on the surface. Configuration of the Adaptor provides a clear line of sight so you can visually confirm pogo pin and connector alignment. Gii-Sens™ Adapters were developed to allow for efficient use and perfect placement of electrodes every time.

It employs pogo pins rather than edge connectors to ensure reliable and repeatable connection and prevent any damage to your Gii-Sens™ electrodes. Its design ensures that your Gii-Sens™ electrode is supported on a stable platform during testing – preventing your solution from running.


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