ItalSens Corrosion Cell Set

Corrosion cell with sample holder and Stern-Makrides arrangement

  • Complete corrosion cell set
  • Suitable for many corrosion measurements
  • Includes spare parts
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This cell set will provide you a standard corrosion cell with a sample holder for metal coupons exposing 1 cm diameter round area to the solution as well as the equipment for the Stern-Makrides arrangement. This cell is suitable for many common corrosion-related measurements. 

  • The working electrode can be used together with a sample holder for metal coupons and a stainless steel electrode, or a custom electrode.
  • Two counter electrodes can be connected at the same time. 
  • As a reference electrode, a saturated calomel electrode (included in the cell set) or a silver chloride reference electrode can be used. Please contact us for more information about these electrodes.

The maximum sample (Working Electrode) diameter is up to 15 mm, and its thickness up to 5 mm.


Set contents

The ItalSens Corrosion Cell Set contains:

  • 1 x 1 L glass vessel
  • 2 x graphite counter with holder
  • 2 x platinum counter electrodes
  • 1 x saturated calomel electrode with a salt bridge
  • 1 x sample holder for flat coupons
  • 1 x parts for the Stern-Makrides arrangement
  • spare O-rings and Teflon parts


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Corrosion Cell Set contents This document specifies the contents of the Corrosion Cell Set, and contains an overview of the kit and the flat specimen holder. Documentation 02-06-21
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