ItalSens SPE for Heavy Metals detection

SPE for heavy metal detection

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Simple, easy to use and cost effective screen printed electrodes for quantification of heavy metals.

The ItalSens Sensors, formerly known as Florence Sensors, are based on years of research experience. They are designed for heavy metal detection and quantification. Using stripping voltammetry multiple different metals can be quantified in one experiment, such as copper, lead and cadmium.

It has a modified-carbon Working Electrode with a 3 mm diameter and a carbon Counter Electrode. Additionally, it features a Silver Pseudo-Reference Electrode. The Silver electrode will form a silver chloride layer in a chloride-containing solution, resulting in the popular Ag/AgCl reference system.

Further information can be found in the specifications tab, they are delivered in uncut strips of 20 electrodes.

Ref. IS-HM-3MM



Name Type Last updated
ItalSens IS-HM Brochure Datasheet 07-11-22
Heavy metal analysis of river water using the IS-HM sensor This application note provides a comprehensive set of instructions for use of the screen-printed electrode (SPE) IS-HM in analyzing Pb, Cd, and Cu concentrations of a polluted river water sample. Application Note 04-05-21
Heavy Metals – Complete Analysis standard addition of river water with curves Other 04-05-21
Heavy Metals – method for standard addition of river water Other 04-05-21
Heavy Metals – conditioning method bundle Other 04-05-21
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