Micrux SPE with 2 Working Electrodes

Dual-WE SPE with RE separated from the CE

  • 4-electrodes system: WE1, WE2, RE and CE
  • Flexible and highly-resistant PET as substrate
  • Micrux 4-pin connection
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Dual screen-printed electrodes are based on a four-electrodes approach with two working electrodes (WE1 / WE2), sharing a reference (RE) and an auxiliary (counter) (AE or CE) electrode independent from the RE. A very affordable solution suitable for the development of multiplexed chemical-sensors and bio-sensors for field analysis. 

The material of the working and counter electrode is made from carbon with a high-performance ink. The reference electrode is silver-made. The carbon layer is 350~380 μm thick. The working electrode has a diameter of 2.5 mm for the dual SPEs.

Sensors are packed per 50 in a box. You can connect a Micrux screen-printed electrode using the Micrux 4-electrode adapter.

More information is available at the specifications tab or here for the dual-WE SPE.

Ref. MX-ED-D2PE-C10

Required adapter

A Micrux adapter is needed to connect the 4-pin sensors

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