BVT Miniature Oxygen Electrode

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Monitor the oxygen level with this useful equipment.

The miniature Oxygen electrode consists of a PEEK body, platinum electrode, silver reference electrode and membrane holder. The platinum electrode is melted in glass. The membrane holder with electrolyte is attached by thread. The Oxygen electrode (OE) is designed for measurements with a thermostated cell (TC4, TC5, TC6).

The Oxygen Electrode can be delivered with one of four different sensing wires, which are indicated by a 1-4 after the D in the name.

1 – platinum wire, ∅ 100 µm (ref. BVT-OE.D1.ES)

2 – platinum wire, ∅ 600 µm (ref. BVT-OE.D2.ES)

3 – platinum wire, ∅ 1000 µm (ref. BVT-OE.D3.ES)

4 – platinum wire, ∅ 2000 µm (ref. BVT-OE.D4.ES)

5 – golden wire, ∅ 20 µm (ref. BVT-OE.D5.ES)

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