Connection terminal for use with MUX8-R2

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This connection (screw) terminal for our MUX8-R2 multiplexer allows you to manage your own connections.

This connection terminal is made for our multiplexer MUX8-R2 and allows you to connect your electrochemical cell to our 8 channel multiplexer. You can easily connect your own wires via the 25 screw terminals. Please note that one connection terminal connects 4 channels. In order to connect all 8 channels you need to add two connection terminals to your basket.



Name Type Last updated
OCP with MUX8-R2 The multiplexer MUX8-R2 offers the possibility to record reliable Open Circuit Potential (OCP) measurements in the Alternating mode, which allows to monitor the OCP of multiple samples / working electrodes over time with a single potentiostat. This is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors MUX8 and MUX16. In this application note it is demonstrated how to setup and perform an OCP measurement with the MUX8-R2 in the Alternating mode. Application Note 04-05-21
EmStatMUX8-R2 Brochure Brochure of the EmStatMUX8-R2 instrument Documentation 16-11-20
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