PS101-104 Series Standard Disc Electrodes

Standard Disc Working Electrodes

  • Polished disc electrode
  • PCTFE plastic body
  • Brass rod contact
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These Standard Disc Electrodes can be employed in a variety of electrochemical measurements. Constructed with a solvent-resistant PCTFE body, these electrodes boast mirror-polished disks composed of various materials: glassy carbon, gold, platinum, or silver. The metal electrodes all feature a 2 mm inner diameter (ID), while the Glassy Carbon option is designed with a 3 mm ID.

Featuring a brass rod contact seamlessly integrated into the plastic body, these electrodes ensure easy connectivity through a standard crocodile clip. Additionally, each electrode is accompanied by an O-ring, enabling users to adjust the electrode depth within an electrochemical cell by rolling it to different positions.

To maintain optimal performance, the electrode surfaces can be renewed through cleaning and polishing using a polishing kit (not included).


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