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Reference Electrode RCEc.R1.ES


This product has a minimum quantity of 1

Product Description

A good reference electrode that fits into the cells made by BVT perfectly.

RCEc is a glass hollow tube with silver wire covered with silver chloride inside. The tube is hollow with a hole in the wall for inserting KCl solution. The hole is sealed by a rubber band. This Reference Classic Electrode (RCEc) is designed for measurements with  the cells TC4, TC5 or TC6, that can all be used with the Minithermostat offered by BVT.

This electrode contains a silver wire covered with silver chloride, that gives a very stable signal over a long time period.

Further information is available in the specifications tab and on the product’s website.


Electrode Material


Electrode Type

Reference Electrode


BVT Technologies

Coat Material


Length / mm


Outer Diameter

11 mm