ItalSens Simple Cell Set

Conventional 3-electrodes Cell for Electrochemistry Research

  • 1x PTFE cap
  • 1x PTFE foot
  • 4x glass cell vessels
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A PTFE foot, a PTFE lit and a glass cell as a small and stable workstation

The glass cell is a simple 25 mL vessel (25 mm x 40 mm) with a tapper joint. The glass lit prevents evaporation, if the cell is not in use. The PTFE cell top (29.5 mm OD) for the ItalSens glass cell has holes to allow a convenient placement of electrodes:

  • 2x 6.5 mm for WE and CE
  • 1x 5.8 mm for RE
  • 2x 2 mm for wires or purging

These sizes are compatible with ItalSens classic electrodes. The PTFE foot (48 mm x 20 mm) gives the glass a stable stand. This set is a convenient and economical way to set up your electrochemical cell.

Electrodes are not included in the set.

Reference: IS-SCS.1

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