Stirrer ST3 – Manual speed control

USB powered manually controlled stirrer

  • Includes PEEK conical and disk impeller
  • Allows manual speed control from 20 - 1300 rpm, with 1 rpm resolution
  • Control via BVT Software
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A magnet free stirrer with extremely precise speed control

The universal USB stirrer enables solution stirring during a measurement with screen printed electrodes and classical electrodes. The construction of the stirrer assures the optimal mass transport with minimum hydrodynamic noise. The supply voltage (3 V) and current the max current (150 mA) enable the user to use it as an USB device. The speed range is 100 – 1000 rpm. If the cells TC4, TC5 or TC6 by BVT are used, the device can be easily plugged into the central opening. The body is made of PEEK and thus resistant to common solutions. The speed controller allows a very precise controll and the the brushless motor a robust and reliable rotation. With this stirrer a controlled diffusion layer can be achieved and a rotating disc electrode like measurement can be performed.

More Information is available on the product’s website.

Combine accessories

Glass cells

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