Possibilities and features of a customizable potentiostat: EmStat Go

The EmStat Go is a battery powered handheld potentiostat with the logo of your company. It can be fully customized to enable many electrochemistry applications. Read more drop detection in this application note.


  • 0:00 Introduction to the EmStat Go
  • 2:17 Choose potentiostat modules inside
  • 2:29 Customization options: keypad, logo, measuring indicator, wireless communication, battery, sleeve, connection module, multiplexer, temperature sensor
  • 4:39 a modular front called connection module
  • 7:14 drop detection using MethodSCRIPT
  • 11:39 drop detection & measurement demonstration
  • 12:26 write your own application

Drop Detection example using Square Wave Voltammetry

In the video drop detection is demonstrated using an EmStat Go with EmStat4M potentiostat module. You can perform drop detection yourself, by downloading the PSMethod file, or by copy / pasting the MethodSCRIPT below.

var d
#set GPIO_D3 (DD_enable) to output (active high)
set_gpio_cfg 0b1000 1
#set LED pins to output (active high)
set_gpio_cfg 0b0110 1
#set GPIO D5 (DD_Detect) to input (active low)
set_gpio_cfg 0b100000 0
#set DD_enable high, LED blue on
set_gpio 0b1010
wait 100m
send_string "Wait for drop"
loop 1i == 1i
    #read DD_detect
    get_gpio d
    if d & 0b100000
        #keep looping
#set DD_Enable low to enable normal measurements, 
#LED blue off, LED red on
set_gpio 0b0100
send_string "Drop detected"
wait 1
#LSV measurement
var c
var p
var f
var g
set_pgstat_chan 0
set_pgstat_mode 2
set_max_bandwidth 80
set_range ba 210u
set_autoranging ba 210n 2100u
set_e -200m
meas_loop_ca p c -200m 500m 2
meas_loop_swv p c f g -200m 600m 10m 20m 20
pck_add p
pck_add c
#all LED off
set_gpio 0b0000
#add two new lines at the bottom of this script

Download drop detection example