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Instrument specific notes


Changing Bluetooth Settings for OEM

This tutorial describes how to change the settings of the LAIRD BT900 Bluetooth module on PalmSens devices for OEM.


EmStat4M Communication Protocol

Describes how to communicate with the EmStat4M directly and how to send MethodSCRIPTS.

application-note OCV

OCP with MUX8-R2

The multiplexer MUX8-R2 offers the possibility to record reliable Open Circuit Potential (OCP) measurements in the Alternating mode, which allows to monitor the OCP of multiple samples / working electrodes over time with a single potentiostat. This is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors MUX8 and MUX16. In this application note it is demonstrated how to setup and perform an OCP measurement with the MUX8-R2 in the Alternating mode.

application-note Potentiostat

Potentiostat System on Module

This is an article published by Analog Devices on their website about the EmStat Pico its advantages and application examples.


Synchronized measurements with the MultiPalmSens4

PSAN0408 - How to use the MultiPalmSens4 as a polypotentiostat, using hardware synchronization.


EmStat Pico module for Bio-FET application

Field-effect transistor-based biosensors have drawn attentions due to its potential for small-scale, low cost, high-throughput and sensitive devices. Applications based on Bio-FET include, but not limited to, ion sensing, detection of DNA hybridization and protein binding.


Connect SensitBT to Bluetooth

This application note describes various ways to connect the portable SensitBT to Bluetooth. To connect using Android you can use PSTouch, in Windows you can use PSTrace or MethodSCRIPT. In iOS you can use MethodSCRIPT.


pH Measurement using EmStat Pico

This article shows the ease of integration of the device into a system and demonstrates the range of applications of the potentiostat module by detailing three different electrochemical measurements: OCP (pH), cyclic voltammetry, and EIS.


Arduino MKR Zero with EmStat Pico dev board

This document describes how to connect an Arduino MKR Zero to the EmStat Pico development board


Bluetooth module for EmStat3 OEM

Describes how to use the Bluetooth module for EmStat3 OEM


PalmSens4 Connecting via Bluetooth

This document shows how to connect the PalmSens4 via Bluetooth to PSTrace (for Windows) or PStouch (for Android)


How to connect cables to Sensit Smart

Explains how to connect cables to the Sensit Smart

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