Open Circuit Potential

An Open Circuit Potential (OCP) is, as the name suggests, the potential where no current is flowing, because the circuit is open. Between two metals in the same solution the OCP is the highest potential difference possible without applying a potential from the outside. Measuring the OCP is also non-invasive, because no current is flowing.

For more information, see the chapters on Corrosion Potential and Constant Potential vs OCP or vs Reference Electrode.


OCP with MUX8-R2

The multiplexer MUX8-R2 offers the possibility to record reliable Open Circuit Potential (OCP) measurements in the Alternating mode, which allows to monitor the OCP of multiple samples / working electrodes over time with a single potentiostat. This is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors MUX8 and MUX16. In this application note it is demonstrated how to setup and perform an OCP measurement with the MUX8-R2 in the Alternating mode.