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PalmSens Knowledgebase

Sensit Smart


Writing code for our hardware

Create your own application, using the PalmSens Software Development Kits and software examples. ...



MethodSCRIPT is the language the EmStat Pico speaks. It allows you to communicate directly with the potentiostat module from any operating system or microcontroller. ...


PStouch tutorials

With PStouch you can connect your Android smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth to your instrument.  The following tutorials explain how to connect to your instrument, how to ...


Troubleshooting on potentiostat experiments

Here are some general comments on trouble shooting that are valid for any experiment. We made this list to enable even not very experienced users to find the sources of trouble as soon as possible to keep the frustration level for you and coworkers as low as possible.


Potentiostatic and Galvanostatic EIS

What is GEIS? When to use GEIS or PEIS?


Sensit Smart Glucose Calibration Curve

This app note shows how to measure glucose concentrations using the Sensit Smart


How to connect cables to Sensit Smart

Explains how to connect cables to the Sensit Smart

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