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Demonstration of Nitrate Measurements

Plants are using nutrition from soil to grow. If we harvest plants and transport them to a different place, for example, a market, we remove nutrition from the soil. The soil will...


Salinity Workshop ZP & PalmSens

Salinity, which is a parameter describing the amount of salt in a solution, is an important factor for all applications, that include water. It defines how fast cooling water pipes...


Demonstration of Caffeine Measurements

Caffeine is a widespread psychoactive substance. Most people consume it regularly in coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, or similar beverages. It is also used in some medications to...


Demonstration of a ZP glucose biosensor with a PalmSens Sensit Smart

This webinar recording will show you a demonstration of a glucose biosensor designed by Z&P and powered by our Sensit Smart.  The webinar consists of four parts: Introductio...


Electrochemical enzymatic biosensors

Do you want to make your own biosensors? How to immobilize the enzymes? Or are you wondering how to measure using a biosensor in a convenient and portable way?

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