Potentiostats are usually very pricey (Figure 1). However, PalmSens managed to develop a series of economic potentials (Figure 2). These potentiostats are very attractive priced, definitely for all the given specifications. Put the potentiostats on the test and compare our specifications with those of the competitors.

Low cost customized potentiostat

In addition to an economical potentiostat from our standard EmStat line, PalmSens can also develop a customized potentiostat (OEM). This may sound expensive, but when deciding on multiple devices, this is just a way to save.

The options of a low-cost, customized potentiostat are limited: you receive a potentiometer that measures only what you want to measure. The corresponding software is also tailored to your specific needs. You are definitely saving in purchase costs, but probably also in the hours that your employees have lost in processing and analyzing the data. Because there is not that much data, only the things you need to know. Keep in mind that prices for electronics go lower with increasing volumes per order.​

Stationary expensive potentiostat


Disposable sensors

To measure the electrode flow, a sensor is used which is connected to the potentiostat. This sensor has a certain sensitivity to the substance you want to measure. For this reason, there are many different sensors that react in a different way to certain chemical substances. Here you also have the choice in cheap sensors and more expensive copies.

Sometimes a sensor can be used multiple times, but often sensors are a one-time use and the sensor is changed by reactions at their  electrodes. We can recommend you sensors, which are suitable for your specific purpose.

No extra costs for the potentiostat software

Without associated software, you cannot do anything with your potentiostat. You want to see the measurements n a graph, the so-called voltammogram. The low-cost PalmSens potentiostat is sold including their own easy-to-use software, which makes it easy to start. And you can also use all of the current spreadsheet software that is useful for creating your own charts.

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