BASi RE-5B Silver-Chloride Reference Electrode

  • Simple Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode
  • Filling solution: aqueous NaCl or aqueous KCl
  • Flexible connector
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RE-5B Ag/AgCl/Cl- is a compact, glass-bodied Reference Electrode (RE) with Flexible Connector from BASi. It has a silver wire covered with silver chloride. The 7.5 cm long RE-5B reference electrode is used for electrochemistry experiments and is compatible with BASi MF series cells. It has a 6 mm OD glass body, and uses a porous junction (frit) made from CoralPor™. Connection to the cell lead is via a gold-plated pin on the end of a flexible plastic-coated wire. An O-ring is included with each electrode. By rolling the O-ring to different positions, you can change the depth of the electrode mounted in an electrochemical cell. The BASI-MF-2030 double junction reference electrode can be set up using a RE-5B reference electrode with the glass chamber . This chamber also has a CoralPor™ frit, which must be maintained.

This product comes with two different filling solution options:
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 3 mol/L (Ref. BASI-MF-2052)
Potassium Chloride (KCl) 3 mol/L (Ref. BASI-MF-2056)


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