BVT SPE with 2 Working Electrodes

2 WEs with a combined CE/RE

  • Two working electrodes
  • Thick-film technology
  • Electrodes available in various materials
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The BVT AC2 series sensor is formed on a corundum ceramic base. On this surface the two working and the reference electrodes are applied. The working electrodes can be made of variety of materials, where the first working electrode will have the same material as the second working electrode. A bio-chemically active substance can be immobilized on the working electrode of the sensor to create a biosensor. 

The Working electrode can be made of:

  • WS Gold Platinum-alloy
  • W1 Gold
  • W2 Platinum
  • W3 Silver
  • W4 Carbon

Note for Gold electrodes: The SPEs do not have homogenous properties during print. Each production batch is grouped in boxes, where the SPEs with the same properties are in one box.

The reference electrode can be made of three different materials:

  • R1 Ag / AgCl mixed – a nice basic reference electrode
  • R2 Ag covered with AgCl – shows a higher stability. Suitable for most organic solvents.
  • RS Ag – these give a stable potential in chloride solution but can also be used a pseudo reference electrode

Working electrode diameter

  • 1mm Standard diameter

Electrode naming pattern

  • The electrodes are named in the pattern AC2.Wn.Rm with n and m being 1, 2, 3, 4 or S.


  • 25.4 x 7.26 x 0.63 mm.

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WE material RE material Product Reference
Gold Ag/AgCl (65%/35%) BVT-AC2.W1.R1
Gold Ag covered with AgCl BVT-AC2.W1.R2
Gold Ag (98%) BVT-AC2.W1.RS
Platinum Ag/AgCl (65%/35%) BVT-AC2.W2.R1
Platinum Ag covered with AgCl BVT-AC2.W2.R2
Platinum Ag (98%) BVT-AC2.W2.RS
Silver Ag/AgCl (65%/35%) BVT-AC2.W3.R1
Silver Ag covered with AgCl BVT-AC2.W3.R2
Silver Ag (98%) BVT-AC2.W3.RS
Carbon Ag/AgCl (65%/35%) BVT-AC2.W4.R1
Carbon Ag covered with AgCl BVT-AC2.W4.R2
Carbon Ag (98%) BVT-AC2.W4.RS
Platinum-gold alloy Ag/AgCl (65%/35%) BVT-AC2.WS.R1
Platinum-gold alloy Ag covered with AgCl BVT-AC2.WS.R2
Platinum-gold alloy Ag (98%) BVT-AC2.WS.RS



Useful accessories for the AC2 sensor

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