BVT Classic Working Electrode

  • Electrode active material: Pt, Au or GC
  • Conic fit for tapper joint
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Working classic electrode designed for routine use as (non-rotating) working electrodes.

Encased in a PEEK tube, the WCEc holds a Pt, Au, or GC wire, with only the disc section exposed, mirror-polished. Its connection is a 2 mm banana receptacle in red color. The conic connection design fits with BVT TC4, TC5, TC6, and TC9 glass cells.


  • Platinum 100 µm (Ref. WCEc.WS.D1)
  • Platinum 600 µm (Ref. WCEc.WS.D2)
  • Platinum 1000 µm (Ref. WCEc.WS.D3)
  • Gold 20 µm (Ref. WCEc.W1.D4)
  • Gold 20 µm (Ref. WCEc.W1.D5)
  • Glassy carbon,1000 µm (Ref. WCEc.W2.D6)
  • Glassy carbon,3000 µm (Ref. WCEc.W2.D7)


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