CTI Phase Zero SPE

SPEs for early stage development

  • Carbon or Gold CE and WE
  • Disk-shaped or interdigitated working electrode
  • Flexible polyester support material
  • Available in commercial volumes
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Phase Zero Sensors support early stage development in the design of an assay for measurement of electrochemical signals between test fluids and a targeted analyte via a potentiostat. These high quality sensors are necessary tools for early stage development projects, enabling scientists and lab technicians to devise testing protocols for identifying electrochemical responses. They support iterative testing of reagent mixtures used in the detection of unique analytes within biological samples.


  • Ablated and Screen Printed Electrodes
  • Overall dimensions: 10mm x 33mm x 0.53mm
  • Packed in vials of 25 sensors
  • Substrate: White PET base layer
  • Silver leads for a more robust connection
  • Compatible with common potentiostats
  • Customization and scale up available


These sensors have a PET substrate, with carbon or gold (Au) working and counter electrodes, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode along with a printed insulating dielectric. The mating trace leads are designed to interface with common potentiostat accessories as well as banana plugs or alligator clips. The well walls are designed to contain fluids allowing for reagent deposition to perform testing.


  • Carbon working electrode of 4mm diameter (Ref. CTI-CSCL4W)
  • Gold working electrode of 2mm diameter (Ref. CTI-GSCL2W)
  • Gold InterDigitated working electrode (Ref. CTI-GSCL4D)

For more information, please view the CTI website.


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