Integrated Graphene Gii-Sens

Pure 3D Graphene sensing electrode

  • Graphene CE and WE
  • Flexible polyester support material
  • Available in commercial volumes
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Gii-Sens is a pure 3D Graphene Foam sensing electrode for enabling the super properties of graphene to be used for sensing applications. All Gii-Sens products are readily scaled for commercial volumes.

Gii-Sens materials

  • Working Electrode: Gii, 3D Graphene Foam. 4 mm diameter
  • Counter Electrode: Gii, 3D Graphene Foam.
  • Reference Electrode: Screen Printed Ag/AgCl

For more information, please view the Gii-Sens datasheet

Sensor Adapter
For a perfect connection you can use a Gii-Sens Adaptor to use this product. By gently pushing the sensor, it fits to PalmSens products with SPE connector directly as well.

Limit the exposure
We recommend that users limit the exposure of solvents and reagents to the working electrode only, to avoid affecting the surrounding areas.


WE material

Surface modification


Amount of WEs

CE material

Electrode system

Combined RE and CE

Ø of the disc WE / mm

WE geometric area

RE material

Support material

Support dimensions / mm

Possible analytes

Possible applications

Sensor adapter

Connect your sensor to your device

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