ItalSens Gold SPE

Easy-to-use SPE with Gold electrodes

  • Gold CE and WE
  • Flexible polyester support material
  • The 35 mm long SPE is available in an enhanced version
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The three-electrode electrochemical SPE has a gold working electrode, suitable for a wide range of analytical applications. Each electrode is produced by screen-printing technology and constitutes a circular gold working electrode (2 or 3 mm diameter), a silver pseudo reference electrode, and a gold counter electrode. Additionally, it features a Silver Pseudo-Reference Electrode. The Silver electrode will form a silver chloride layer in a chloride-containing solution, resulting in the popular Ag/AgCl reference system.

The small electrode dimensions reduce the required sample volume and the low costs permits disposable use.

Electropolish first
We recommend electropolishing the electrodes before using them, to improve reproducibility.

The normal electrodes are delivered as strips of  26 pieces (35 mm length) or 29 pieces (50 mm length), which are pre-cut for you. The enhanced electrodes are delivered in a box 25 electrodes.

Samples can be applied as a droplet due to the electrodes design. This avoids the waste of reagents and samples. The electrodes can be modified through direct adsorption, chemical binding, etc., and a wide range of biomolecules can be linked to the electrode surface. These customizations make these electrodes suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

The enhanced version of this electrode, has a working electrode which received an electrochemical treatment to enhance  the surface, i.e. reducing the impedance across the interface.


WE diammeter

Substrate Lenght


Product Reference

2 mm 35 mm blank IS-W1-2.C1.RS.35
3 mm 35 mm blank IS-W1-3.C1.RS.35
2 mm 35 mm enhanced IS-W1-2.C1.RS.35-M1
3 mm 35 mm enhanced IS-W1-3.C1.RS.35-M1
2 mm 50 mm blank IS-W1-2.C1.RS.50
3 mm 50 mm blank IS-W1-3.C1.RS.50
2 mm 50 mm enhanced IS-W1-2.C1.RS.50-M1
3 mm 50 mm enhanced IS-W1-3.C1.RS.50-M1



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ItalSens Gold SPE IS-W1-3.C1.RS.35 description Description and specifications of the ItalSens Gold SPE IS-W1-3.C1.RS.35. 08-07-21
ItalSens Gold SPE IS-W1-2.C1.RS.50 description Description and specifications of the ItalSens Gold SPE IS-W1-2.C1.RS.50. 08-07-21
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IS-Au conditioning methods bundle 04-05-21

Application Note (2)

Name Last updated
IS-Au – Hg Detection all methods in one bundle 04-05-21
Mercury analysis using the ItalSens-Au sensor A comprehensive set of instructions for use of the screen-printed electrode (SPE) IS-Au for determining the Hg concentrations of aqueous solutions. 04-05-21
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