Macias Sensors – PCB electrodes

Reusable & highly accurate sensor

  • Reusable PCB
  • Gold working electrode
  • Gold, Silver or Silver-Chloride reference electrode
  • High reproducibility & cycling stability
  • Stable up to 130º Celsius
  • Fits with standard 3-pin SPE connectors from PalmSens
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Macias Sensors’ PCB (Printed Circuit Board) electrodes are equipped with our proprietary coating technology to enable the use of PCB for developing electrochemical applications without interference from copper base metal. 

High reproducibility & Reusability
PCB electrodes are produced within micrometer accuracy, giving very accurately defined electrodes surfaces. This creates reusable electrodes with a high reproducibility.

These PCB electrodes are suitable for working with microvolume sample droplets as well as by dipping into the target solution. Thus, they are an ideal platform to develop biosensors and chemosensors to be used at the point of need. The wide electrochemical stability window (-1.5 to +1 V vs Ag/AgCl in PBS pH 7.4) allows for many different experiments.

Furthermore, thanks to the gold surface, the electrodes can be readily functionalized with thiol-based ligands to develop electrochemical molecular diagnostics, immunosensors, ISE and more.

The electrodes are delivered in boxes of  10 pieces.

Cleaning recommendations

Rinsing in DI water and N2 drying is normally sufficient cleaning for most applications. But if you would like to use a harsher electrochemical cleaning, we recommend performing cyclic voltammetry in the range of -1 to +1.25 V vs Ag/AgCl using 0.1 M H2SO4.


  • Gold RE (Ref. MS-P10101)
  • Silver RE (Ref. MS-P10102)
  • Silver with Chloride Mixed RE (Ref. MS-P10103)

About Macias Sensors

Macias sensors is specialized in PCB electrodes and can deliver bespoke development services by the hour. Macias sensors is based in the UK. More information about Macias sensors can be found on their website.



Name Type Last updated
Macias Sensor Brochure Brochure of the reusable Macias sensors Gold electrodes with three different types of reference electrodes. Documentation 26-10-23
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