Micrux All in One Cell

Connect your Micrux electrodes to your potentiostat

  • Supports all thin-film Micrux electrodes
  • Available with different add-ons
  • Supplied with universal cable
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All in one device for using the electrodes both in batch or in flow

This connector is necessary to use the electrodes produced by Micrux.

This is a multipurpose interface with interchangeable add-ons for using Micrux electrodes. It is a Drop Cell base with two different add-ons: one for using it as a Flow Cell and the other one for using it in batch with higher volumes. The innovative All-in-One cell provides a unique multipurpose interface with movable add-ons that can be easily interchanged for using the standard (10 x 6 mm) thin-film (micro)electrodes supplied by MicruX. The AIO-cell enables the use of the thin-film (micro)electrodes in (Drop / Batch-cell) or (Flow-cell) conditions, fulfilling the requirements of multiple analytical applications. Supplied with a universal cable compatible with PalmSens3, 4 and the EmStat series.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 30 mm (W x D x H)
  • Material: Aluminium base + methacrylate cover
  • Different movable add-ons are available
  • Easy add-ons assembly (tool-free)
  • Reusable – long life

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