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MUX16 Multiplexer

Multiplexer for 16 cells

  • Automatically switch between electrochemical cells
  • 3 different electrode or sensor configurations
  • Switches up to 16 working electrodes, CE and RE are not switched
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This multiplexer allows the usage of a single PalmSens or EmStat Blue with up to 16 electrochemical cells, by switching between the different cells. A great way to raise efficiency.

A single PalmSens or EmStat Blue can be used to work with multiple working electrodes or a sensor array by means of a multiplexer. The multiplexer switches between their working electrodes in the range of milliseconds. There are two versions of the multiplexer available.

MUX8 multiplexer: enables to work with up to eight 2- or 3- electrode systems.

MUX16 multiplexer: enables to work with up to sixteen 2- electrode systems. The 16 working electrodes can have a shared counter and reference electrode, or each working electrode is matched with its own combined reference/counter electrode. If only the working electrodes are switching, one reference and one counter electrode shared by all working electrodes is a possible configuration.



number of channels 2-16
multiplexer16 x WE only, CE and RE are not switched
on resistance for WE2 ohm typical
charge injection on WE1 pC typical
leakage current10 pA typical at 25 ºC
housingaluminium: 89 mm x 35 mm x 85 mm
weight +/- 300 g
power supply5V from PalmSens
communicationDSub-15 cable to PalmSens and standard PalmSens electrode cable



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