– Raman EC Flow Cell Attachment

Use SPE holder under flow conditions using Raman

  • Raman EC Flow cell attachment and reservoir is gas- and liquid tight
  • Variant for aqueous and organic solvent based experiments
  • Scandinavian Design
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Flow cell attachment increases the functionality of the Screen-Printed Electrode (SPE) Holder and makes the SPEs operating under flow conditions.

The assembled set consisting of Screen-Printed Electrode Holder, Raman EC Flow Cell Attachment and the reservoir is gas- and liquid-tight. The reservoir is composed of Basic Electrochemical Cell (50 mL) with two additional plugs. It enables further analysis of the solution or conducting reference electrochemical measurement using classical electrodes (6 mm diameter, not included in the set).

The attachment elements are constructed with materials that are chemically resistive to a wide range of electrolytes (PEEK, PFA/ETFE). The Flow Cell Attachment well fits aqueous (EPDM O-Rings) and organic solvent (FFKM O-Rings) electrolyte requirements.

Application note
This cell can be used to track kinetic phenomena such as the near-surface proton concentration changes during oxidation and reduction reaction at working electrode. It can be also used to identify materials such as carbon, metal oxides, polymers and electrolytes, and to determine their structure and distribution. The Raman EC Flow Cell Attachment is installed on the guide rails of the Screen-Printed Electrode Holder. The tubing is connected to the peristaltic pump (not included in the set) which drives the fluid from the reservoir through the cell (above the electrode assembly) and then returns it to the reservoir.


  • tubing size: 1/16″ OD x .040″ ID (1.6mm OD x 1.0mm ID)
  • maximum electrolyte volume in the reservoir: 40 mL
  • electrode plug diameter in the reservoir: 6 mm

Intrastat data

  • HS Code: 90275000
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • NET weight: 50 g (attachment only), 200 g (attachment with SPE holder)

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