PSTrace & MultiTrace Tutorial #21 – How to never lose your data with Autosaving?

Electrochemical measurement can take hours or even days. If your PC restarts or crashses, you don’t want to lose any data. This tutorial will explain how to regulary save your data. Both PSTrace for single channel, and MultiTrace for multi-channel potentiostats are shown. PSTrace is a software package that controls PalmSens potentiostats. 

Chapters in the video

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 What is autosaving?
  • 0:28 Autosaving in PSTrace
  • 0:55 Filenames and storage of autosave
  • 1:30 Fileformat, PSTrace, OriginLab or CSV for Excel, Matlab, etc.
  • 3:33 Split scans or traces within one measurement into different files
  • 4:34 Recovery files
  • 6:48 Autosaving in MultiTrace
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