PSTrace Tutorial #18 – Connect a stirrer, multiplexer or a custom sensor to a potentiostat

PalmSens potentiostats like the PalmSens4 and the MultiPalmSens4 have an auxiliary port, to connect external devices like a stirrer. In this tutorial you will learn how to connect external devices to your potentiostat in PSTrace (or MultiTrace). PSTrace is a software package that controls PalmSens potentiostats. 

Chapters in the video

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:23 Setup
  • 0:43 Why use an auxiliary port?
  • 1:12 Connect a stirrer
  • 2:34 Connect a multiplexer
  • 3:56 Connect a custom sensor
  • 7:05 Automate analog and digital lines using scripting
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