Multiplexer: Get to know the four different options to connect electrodes

A multiplexer is a great way to expand the number of channels of your potentiostat. But how to connect electrodes? In this video Lutz Stratmann will show four different options on connection both classical electrodes, as well as screen-printed electrodes.

Chapters in the video

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:50 What does a multiplexer do?
  • 1:25 How to connect a multiplexer?
  • 3:02 Option A: Double shielded cable
  • 5:00 Option B: High-density cable
  • 5:28 Option C: Screw-terminal connection
  • 6:00 Option D: Screen-printed electrode connector
  • 7:16 Connect more then 8 channels
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