PSTrace Tutorial #19 – How to operate a Multiplexer?

If you need to measure more then one channel sequentially, a multiplexer is what you need. In this tutorial you will learn what a multiplexer is, how to connect and operate the multiplexer. PSTrace is a software package that controls PalmSens potentiostats. 

Chapters in the video

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:34 Enable Multiplexer in PSTrace
  • 1:00 Multiplexer in consecutive mode
  • 1:46 Multiplexer in alternative mode
  • 4:00 Connect Sense to WE
  • 4:43 Combine RE and CE
  • 5:07 Use Common RE and CE on Channel 1
  • 6:20 What to do with the unselected WE?
  • 7:12 Script your multiplexer experiment
  • 8:06 Demonstration of a scripted multiplexer
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