Writing code for our hardware

Create your own application, using the PalmSens Software Development Kits and software examples.

What PalmSens libraries do you need for your application?

Choose your approach

The best approach to create your application depends on the type of potentiostat you have, for what platform you would like to create the application, and the language in which you would like to program. In general, we advise using the .NET SDK in combination with C#. If you are developing for an embedded platform that lacks processing power, you are better off using C, C++, or Python using the EmStat3 or MethodSCRIPT protocol, depending on your instrument.

  • Every instrument is supported by our UWP, WinForms or WPF SDK for .NET.
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  • The EmStat Pico and the Sensit potentiostat series also support the MethodSCRIPT protocol.
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  • The EmStat3 series also supports the EmStat3 protocol.
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  • Or maybe you are specifically interested in developing an app for Android or iOS.
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  • For researchers, there is a MATLAB SDK as well.
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SDK for .NET

  • Useful for more powerful devices running Windows or Android, such as PCs and smartphones.
  • Code in any language supported by Visual Studio, like C# and VB.NET.
  • Quickly develop your application, using the build-in parser, peak detection, curve smoothing, and circuit fitting. 

Note on Linux and MacOs: Although our SDK does not officially support Linux, MacOS or Raspbian, you can run our .NET SDKs using Mono.

Read more about the SDK for .NET

MethodSCRIPT Protocol

  • Can be used with any programming language.
  • Allows for writing software for all operating systems.
  • Use MethodSCRIPT code snippets from PSTrace for windows.
  • Many code examples available.
Read more about MethodSCRIPT

Smartphone development

  • For Android, you build applications with our SDK for Android using Xamarin, Visual Studio .NET and C#. If you prefer to program in Java or Kotlin and you have an EmStat Pico or Sensit, you can use MethodSCRIPT instead.
  • For iOS, you build applications for the EmStat Pico and the Sensit Potentiostat series, using MethodSCRIPT and our SWIFT example.
Develop an app for Android or iOS

EmStat3 protocol

  • Can be used with any programming language.
  • Allows for writing software for all operating systems.
  • Requires writing your own code for parsing received data, doing peak detection, curve smoothing, etc.
  • Example code available for Arduino (C).
EmStat3 C library with code example


If you are a researcher and looking for MATLAB integration, please go to our MATLAB SDK page.