Replacement Battery

Get a new battery for your instrument

  • Extends the life of your instrument
  • Replace yourself or let PalmSens replace it for you
PalmSens usually responds to your quotation request within one business day.


A replacement for the battery inside the PalmSens instrument

Batteries last 300-500 cycles. With a new battery you can start fresh! PalmSens can replace the battery for you, or you can replace the battery yourself. If PalmSens replaces the battery for you, we will also perform small repairs when needed.

  • Do you own a PalmSens3? Replace the battery in 5 easy steps
  • Do you own an EmStat Blue? Replace the batter in 3 easy steps.
  • The battery of a Sensit BT and the Sensit Wearable can only be replaced by PalmSens, to avoid a broken housing.
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