Sensor Cable for BVT-AC9C SPE

Connect one BVT sensor with eight working electrodes

  • Connects to the BVT AC9C sensor
  • 8 red banana plugs
  • 1 blue banana plug
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The sensor cable enables the use of the AC9C sensors with a multiplexer or multi-channel device.


  • Length: 15 mm
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Banana plugs: 2 mm

Internal wiring

Sensor electrode Wire Code
Working 1 Grey 1
Working 2 Yellow 2
Working 3 Green 3
Working 4 Red 4
Working 5 White 5
Working 6 Black 6
Working 7 Brown 7
Working 8 Blue 8
Reference Shielding R

Further information is available on the product’s website.

Ref. BVT-KA9C.S.5


Instruments with multiple channels

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