Detection of Multiple Heavy Metals 1/5- Introduction

For many lab technicians, quantitative analysis is an everyday task. Monitoring processes, product quality, etc. are common tasks for electrochemical analysis. With raising awareness of pollution, monitoring heavy metals in water reservoirs, pipes, rivers, etc. is getting more and more important. Heavy metals are very suitable for electrochemical detection and even very low concentrations can be measured. Quantification limits in the range of parts per trillion (ppt) have been demonstrated.


This series of articles and corresponding experiment discusses the following topics:

  • Why care about heavy metals?
  • How does stripping voltammetry work?
  • How can multiple analytes be detected in one experiment?
  • How to operate the analytical mode of PSTrace/PStouch?

Detection of Multiple Heavy Metals by Stripping Voltammetry

The following articles will give you the basic introduction to the detection of Heavy Metals and Stripping Voltammetry, and finally a PDF of the experiment which you can print and perform yourself!

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