PalmSens4 Operators Manual

Learn how to connect the instrument, understand the specifications, use the features and troubleshoot if needed.


iR Compensation and Uncompensated Resistance

In this application note it is explained how to use the iR compensation module of the PalmSens4 and EmStat4X. We start by explaining the terminology and what issue is resolved by the iR compensation module. Then we show possibilities to determine the uncompensated resistance.


PStouch tutorials

With PStouch you can connect your Android smartphone or tablet via USB or wirelessly to your instrument.  The following tutorials explain how to connect to your instrument, how to...

Troubleshooting on potentiostat experiments

Here are some general comments on trouble shooting that are valid for any experiment. We made this list to enable even not very experienced users to find the sources of trouble as soon as possible to keep the frustration level for you and coworkers as low as possible.


PalmSens4 recovery

This article guides you on how to recover your PalmSens4 firmware if it does not connect properly anymore using a USB cable or Bluetooth. ...


Zero Resistance Amperometry (ZRA)

Except for the EmStat Pico and Sensit Series, all our potentiostats can be used as a Zero Resistance Ammeter (ZRA). A ZRA measures the current flowing through it without adding any...


Galvanic Isolation

In this application note the galvanic isolation options are discussed for the different PalmSens instruments as well as the effect of galvanic isolation on your measurement.