Economical Potentiostat

If you want to do electrochemical measurements with a specific purpose in mind, you may need an economically priced potentiostat. PalmSens has several attractively priced instruments for you.

Low-cost potentiostats versus stationairy high-cost potentiostats

Historically, potentiostats are known to be large and expensive desktop instruments. Using modern technologies in the field of electronics components and software development, PalmSens develops and manufactures high-end economic and versatile potentiostats.

Figure 1 | Stationary high-end and high-cost potentiostat

economical potentiostat

Figure 2 | Portable potentiostat PalmSens4 with (optional) Android app

Our instrument’s specifications easily match or surpass those of the old-fashioned desktop potentiostats, requiring only a fraction of their valuable lab bench space.  Click here for an overview of our instruments.

Potentiostat modules

Together with Analog Devices Inc., PalmSens BV has developed the smallest OEM potentiostat module commercially available; the EmStat Pico.

Low-cost customized potentiostats

In addition to economical potentiostats, PalmSens BV also provides tailored potentiostats (OEM) for specific purposes, like a sensor application. This may sound expensive, but due to modular designs we can already offer these custom readers at relative low prices.

low-cost customized potentiostat based on the EmStat Go can be tailored in such a way that it is optimally designed for your application. The corresponding software can also tailored to your specific needs, or you can develop the software yourself using our software development tools. This allows any user without a degree (in electrochemistry) to run measurements and interpret the results.

Both time-to-market and development costs will most likely be significantly reduced comparing to developing your own reader. The validation of the EmStat Go hardware to verify if it is compatible with your (sensor) application can be done easily in our PSTrace software for Windows. 

Disposable sensors

A sensor can have a certain specific sensitivity to the substance you want to measure. For this reason, there are many different sensors that react in a different way to certain chemical substances. Here you also have the choice in cheap unmodified sensors and more expensive dedicated versions.

Sometimes a sensor can be used multiple times, but often sensors are a one-time use and the sensor is permanently changed by reactions at the electrode surface. We can recommend sensors which are suitable for your specific purpose.

No extra costs for the potentiostat software

Most digital potentiostats are controlled by PC software. In our case this is the PSTrace software for Windows. This software allows you to easily setup your measurement and plot the measurement results in a graph, the so-called voltammogram.

The low-cost PalmSens potentiostat always includes free use and updates of PSTrace on as may pc’s and laptops as you want, which makes it easy to start and analyze and share your data. The software allows for direct exporting to different third-party tools like Excel and Origin for creating your own plots. 

E-mail us for a quotation or call us to discuss the opportunities for your kind of research.