Sensit Smart for OEM

All specifications
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The Sensit Smart is the world smallest ready-to-go potentiostat available on the market. The Sensit Smart is designed for use with screen-printed electrodes and is available in a re-branded housing for OEM purposes.

The Sensit Smart can be directly inserted in a smartphone or tablet and controlled via the app PStouch. You can use the USB-C Female to USB-A cable to connect the Sensit Smart to a classic USB port on your PC and control the Sensit Smart via our PC software PSTrace.

It is easy to develop your own custom app or software for PC for use with Sensit Smart.

The Sensit Smart supports most common electrochemical techniques, including 
Cyclic VoltammetrySquare Wave Voltammetry and Impedance Spectroscopy (FRA/EIS).

The Sensit Smart comes standard with:

  • Dummy Cell (SPE version)
  • SPE to screw-terminal adapter
  • USB-C Female to USB-A cable
  • USB-C Female to Micro USB adapter
  • USB-C port protector
  • PSTrace software for Windows (activation code for
  • PStouch app for Android (find it in the Google Play Store)


See for all supported techniques and specifications: EmStat Pico module


  • FRA / EIS up to 200 kHz
  • Potential range -1.7 to +2 V
  • Current ranges 100 nA – 5 mA (max ±3 mA)

See EmStat Pico module for more detailed specifications.

Compatible with most common Screen Printed Electrodes / Sensors
Sensor pitch:2.54 mm
Electrode connections:RE, WE, CE
Allowed sensor thickness:Between 0.1 mm and 0.8 mm
Maximum sensor width:11 mm
Other specifications
Power and communicationUSB-C
Storage4000 datapoints on-board
Size43 x 25 x 11 mm (excl. USB connector)
Weight10 g
Auxiliary portNo
Sensor connectorSPE (pitch: 2.54 mm)
Operation temperature range0 °C to +40  °C

Software & tutorials

Using our Software Development Kits, it is easy to develop your own applications for Windows or Android apps for Sensit Smart.

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